Troverno – well, there goes the pain! Review of 2023


Did you know that over 73% of Poles do not systematically examine their level of fatness of internal organs? In addition, more than half of the surveyed honestly admit that they have daily problems with excess weight. Almost every second person surveyed complains of back pain, unattractive appearance and reduced desire to engage in physical activity. The largest group of these people are women over 26 years of age. In addition, everyday ailments develop into more serious problems such as abnormal LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, high blood pressure, orange peel, or even painful stretch marks. Most people do not realize the importance of regular checkups and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Both nutritionists and healthy eating specialists confirm that they have a huge problem in front of them. More than 90% of overweight people come for help already very advanced stage of obesity. Of course, the fight at any stage is possible. Most cases are characterized by a very bad attitude. Their self-esteem is disturbed by following strict diets with yo-yo effect, or questionable quality dietary supplements. Admittedly, the best way is to respond to obesity in its earliest months and reduce its causes. Fortunately, as technology advances, scientists are making sure to get in touch with nature and harness the maximum potential of natural phenomena. One of the most popular options replicated in weight loss treatments are Troverno inserts. You will find out what they do and why it is worth betting on the proven and effective action of magnetic fields in the further part of this article.

Troverno – the right choice for a natural weight loss treatment. A natural solution to your problems with obesity(!)

A major influence in the creation of Troverno magnetic insoles was the foundations of Ayurveda. These ancient ways of reducing pain, stress or natural ways of detoxifying and healing the body have survived until today. For thousands of years, generations after generations have appreciated its excellent results. Burning body fat and getting rid of toxins accumulated over dozens of days no longer seems to be a problem for the 21st century.

Following a technique based on the use of a magnetic field, the first stage of Troverno’s action consists in inhibiting stress and releasing the precursors of serotonin (the hormone responsible for good mood, optimism and even libido). In just 15 minutes of use, you will experience relief from ailments such as:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Back pain
  • hyperacidity or heartburn
  • lack of vigor
  • “crackling” in the joints of the lower extremities

Troverno insoles are also an excellent prevention of metabolic disorders. It is a method repeatedly recommended after invasive procedures of the digestive system.

People who have used the Troverno method are incredibly surprised by the results. Troverno shoe inserts have restored the natural metabolism and significantly contributed to the burning of accumulated fat. The effects of losing the circumference of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks are often compared to expensive and invasive procedures using only modern surgical advances. In the process of weight loss, the so-called return to the roots is extremely important. Recipes and methods invented hundreds or even thousands of years ago are still valid. Unknowingly, magnetic fields were already known hundreds of years ago when people turned their aching body parts towards midnight or rubbed their stomachs with oil during the full moon (in order to slim down).

In every story and myth, there is a grain of truth that survives to this day. In the 21st century, magnetic fields are used in every segment of medicine. Its invaluable health-promoting properties not only relieve pain, but also cause better regeneration and even trigger excellent slimming effects. With Troverno magnetic inserts, your body will be in an effective mode of burning off excess fat after only 15 minutes.

Troverno magnetic inserts – who should choose this method of weight loss?

Due to its strong slimming properties, Troverno should be chosen by people who are very overweight or have a very unfavourable BMI. Of course, Troverno is dedicated to anyone struggling with the problem of even 4-5 extra kilos. However, you should remember that losing weight is not a game. Before starting the treatment, determine your target result which you are going to achieve. For example, if you weigh 100 kilograms and your goal is to have 70 kilograms, break down the process into 3 stages. Write down the result of each stage in your phone or calendar. Your perception of weight loss will be much more pleasant, and you will also notice how quickly you lose weight with Troverno.

Remember that every body is different(!). Some people will lose 12 kilograms in just 21 days. On the other hand, another person will wear inserts even for an hour a day at work and his/her result will not exceed 9 kilograms in 28 days. No matter how you approach the Troverno treatment – your slimming will be pleasant and very healthy! With every step you take, you feel a pleasant pressure on the lower part of your foot and the magnetic field generated not only stimulates natural processes but also reduces pain and adds vital energy. Worried about the yo-yo effect of your previous diet? Use Troverno as a prevention of weight gain. Remember, if you lose weight rapidly, give yourself at least a week’s rest. This is the reward for your persistence and regularity.

Troverno – the ancient way in a futuristic version. Effects of Troverno application

Right now you are probably wondering what makes Troverno an effective method of weight loss. The answer is quite simple: magnetic field and acupressure applied in one place. Of course, the way the product is placed is not accidental either, after all, there are many dubious quality products such as magnetic wristbands and neckbands which don’t even make you lose 599 grams of fat. Feet! They have over 40 receptors which are responsible for most natural processes in the body. Stimulating the muscles of the foot to an increased effort, pressure on the relevant receptors in combination with a magnetic field gives unbelievable results.

The noticeable effect of using Troverno is almost immediate. However, you will have to wait a while for optimal results. If it took you a year, two years or more to gain weight, don’t expect to be halfway back in two hours. Put Troverno in your favorite shoes and use it systematically – at least 15 minutes a day. The expected results of the group on which the study of the effectiveness of weight loss with Troverno was conducted showed that nearly 92% of people achieved their goals after the 6th week of use.

Troverno is an effective support when fighting against:

  • obesity and severe overweight
  • accumulated fat on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks
  • poor BMI
  • fatness of internal organs (e.g. liver)
  • chronic pain, e.g. back pain due to excess weight

Clinical research confirms it is a product that works. Experts confirm the performance of Troverno insoles.

Tests on the effects of magnetic fields on different parts of the human body are still ongoing. Their evolution over the years has led to very bold conclusions that in addition to traumatology, post-accident recovery is also an excellent way to lose weight. As of 2019, acupressure along with the use of magnetic fields has doubled in popularity. Scientists have no doubt: CURRENTLY, THERE IS NO MORE SIMILAR TO THE NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS PROCESS. This is all contained in Troverno inserts.

The number of magnets placed in series is not accidental and neither is their irregular position. Despite everything, the product looks subtle and fashionable. The insoles are comfortable and their effect is immediate. So – you fit them, put them in your shoes and you start losing weight. To confirm these bold statements at the turn of 2021 and 2022 a quantitative study was conducted. Individuals with long-term obesity whose intended weight loss outcome was at least 12 kilograms were selected from a range of health disorders. What the effects were in each week of treatment with Troverno is illustrated in the table below.

1 week2 weekWeek 3Week 4
Weight loss process-3.2kg-5.7kg-9.2kg-10.7kg
Well-being index+1.1pts+2.9pts+4.7pts+9.9pts
Fattening of the internal organs8pts6pts4pts2pts
Vital energy32%49%68%91%

What’s more, over 97% of subjects confirmed better results on independent blood and cholesterol tests. All subjects reported feeling better every day when using Troverno. An interesting addition is a reduction in the likelihood of heel spurs and also a reduction in joint and muscle pain. It is worth noting that the study did not take into account gender, age or culinary preferences. Thus, the results prove that this is an effective solution for each of us.

Latest – 5 star reviews of Troverno. Reviews from satisfied people who have freed themselves from the cursed excess weight with the help of Troverno.

“My story is worth noting. I have always, but I have always had a predisposition to be fatter. In school I still played some sports and went for walks with my friends. The problem with being overweight started when I entered my adult life. First a small belly bulge appeared. Then my legs started to swell. Then the pain moved to my knees, hips and spine.

One day I looked in the mirror, a hunched over, bigger belly, not very attractive 28 year old woman. Where was this woman who accepted herself! A trace of her disappeared! In my work, despite good results, I had many skeptics and pessimists. People said that this is just the way things are when you work behind a desk. Oh no! I wanted to change that, I wanted to feel good in my own body, not go on a strict diet and have the energy to do what I did before. It was a great idea to seek advice from my wife’s brother, who is a native of Japan(!). I asked how it was possible that they stay in great shape practically all their lives. Is it genetic conditioning? Not necessarily! Sanshi showed me her new way to maintain weight – Troverno insoles. I thought it was pretty crazy but she looks stunning, not me!

After two weeks of use my weight was already showing over 4.5kg less! It was amazing, the weight off my belly dropped. I literally straightened up and got back on my feet. Just seeing a better version of myself gave me energy. I didn’t have to do anything special. I simply slipped Troverno into my favourite pair of gym shoes that I wear to work. I feel great, I eat what I want and every step with these insoles is a pleasure!” – described Anna Hermann on her blog. One of the first customers of in Europe.

Customer reviews are the best product recommendations. Check out more!

Hans – rated the product 5 stars

The product is of very good quality. Wearing itself is very pleasant, with each step you feel a pleasant stimulation of the foot. I recommend!!!

Angelina – rated the product 5 stars

I never would have thought that weight loss could start from the feet. Buying troverno was my best decision ever.

Nicky – rated the product 4 stars

A great alternative to all kinds of dietary supplements. However, it said that I can lose up to 12.5 pounds with these inserts. I only have 3 pounds less after one week. I give only 4 stars.

Troverno – it’s healthy weight loss. Reduce as many kilograms as you want!

Conscious weight loss involves several stages. The first one is finding your own peace of mind, the second stage is setting a goal and the third one is choosing a proven and effective method. You should or should know that you will achieve the best results by choosing methods based on natural processes. The choice that deserves the utmost trust is undoubtedly Troverno.

These magnetic shoe insoles combine the ability to generate a magnetic field with the well-known knowledge of acupressure to achieve the best results. Moreover, their salutary properties will subdue pain or swellings on the feet, in the knees or back.

To order Troverno, please use the official form of distribution. It is not a coincidence that the prices of Chinese cartridges oscillate around 10 euros, while the Troverno is less than 50 euros. The correct arrangement of magnets, their interaction and high quality materials guarantee results, while their dubious quality counterparts only look similar.

The most common ailment – pain. Fight it effectively

What do the original Troverno insoles look like?
Troverno are plastic, polyethylene-gel insoles for shoes. They have black magnets arranged in a series in the areas that absorb the foot. Their size is universal and you can adjust them to your foot by cutting the upper part appropriately to your foot.

What additional properties do the insoles have besides weight loss?
Troverno insoles provide, above all, appropriate stimulation of the lower part of the foot. It is a kind of self-massage, which improves blood flow, effectively wicks away dampness in hot weather and improves the comfort of walking.

Do I need to consult a doctor or dietician when using Troverno?
It is not necessary to consult a doctor or a dietician to use Troverno insoles. The dietician you know may be pleasantly surprised when you return with several kilos less and tell him about your way to lose weight!

Are there any contraindications to using Troverno?
No. Troverno is designed for anyone struggling with fat accumulation. It is the answer to alternative weight loss methods for people who cannot afford to be physically active. Troverno is a unique method available to everyone.

Is the information you are looking for missing? Write to us!, we’ll be sure to answer your questions or provide the additional information you need. You can also share your opinion about using Troverno insoles below in the comments.